Results of 2019 Growing Season

Approximately 120 “Otto II” seeds from the 2018 grow 

were planted in Brewster, MA on June 3rd, 2019

By August 12th, the plants were well established, but were still ‘thin’.

August 28th: Plants starting to branch out. Some males removed.

September 11th. A few males had to be removed.  Female plants starting to put on weight.

September 30th: Plants in full flower.  No more males found.  Approximately 55 plants remaining.

A 60 MPH windstorm knocked over most of the plants, but the harvest was completed on  10/16/2019.  Approximately 50 plants were harvested.

The biomass was hand shucked and dried.  Final yield was 11 lbs. 

 A blended bulk sample tested at 0.169% THC and 4.7% CBD

The material was processed by High Purity Extractions in Sturbridge, MA. 

 Yield was 255.9 grams.   CBD content was 70.96%

For Sale at $10/gram